Hello Beautiful Ones,

My name is Stan Barrett and I’ve been practicing massage since 1994.  I grew up on the East Coast and received my training at the Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts in Massachusetts.  My goal was always to work in professional cycling.  In the last 20 years I’ve worked both as a massage therapist and as a professional race mechanic for the likes of Mercury, RadioShack, SRAM Neutral Race Support, and SaxoBank.

When I moved to California I worked at the Claremont Spa where my love of the 90-minute massage was born.  I’ve found that it takes my clients longer than the typical 50-minute spa session to drop into deeper levels of relaxation.  In my Piedmont Avenue practice today I draw from my diverse background and specialize in 90-minute sessions.

Most recently, my partner Liz and I, along with our dear friends Tamara and Ramon, are in the process of opening Reverie Retreat, a 32-acre property we are renovating in the Sierra Foothills.  You can find us on Facebook HERE.  Whether I see you next on Piedmont Avenue or in Garden Valley up at Reverie, my intention is to help you experience your body, mind, and life more fully.  Until then.

In health,